Thai Long Neck Women 🇹🇭

Who are the Kayans? Two decades ago, an intensifying civil war between Karenni separatists and the Burmese army caused Kayar residents to flee Myanmar. Thailand granted the Kayan temporary stay under “conflict refugee” status. Now, Kayans (also known as Padaung people) live in guarded villages on the northern Thai border, in the jungle near to... Continue Reading →

Elephant Nature Park 🐘🇹🇭

Elephant Nature Park is a rescue centre for elephants in Mae Taeng District, located in Chiang Mai province in Northern Thailand, approximately 60 kilometres from Chiang Mai city. They also host cats, dogs, buffaloes and other rescued species. I highly recommend this place because Elephant Nature Park delivers something unique, the chance to interact with... Continue Reading →

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